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Nakhlestan Jalayer Trading Production Group (Nakhlestan Jalayer Company) was established in 2006 in order to establishing an active factory in production and packaging the best and the most desirable types of dates in Iran and creating a reliable brand for consumers to export to all around the world.  This complex is located on the Persian Gulf Highway in Bam city.

The main goal of the managers of Jalayer Trading Company is to export and supply high quality dates in packages designed by the best Iranian designers using modern industrial machines.

Jalayer Nakhlestan Company has three packing units, warehouses and equipped mechanized cold storages that are able to pack 50 tons of dates daily. This company has a cold storage with a capacity of 3000 tons in the harvest season.

The company has a cold storage with a capacity of 3000 tons in the harvest season to buy and store dates in Bam and other provinces to be ready to export dates in other times of the year.

The activity under the supervision of experienced experts in health sciences and completely hygienic packaging has led to receiving the international health mark for this company.

Jalayer Nakhlestan Company is proud to have received ISO 9001 (Quality Control Management System), ISO 22000 (Food Offset), GMP (Good Production Conditions) and BRC, licenses in the field of quality control and management control systems from the Italian company ICB.

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